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In this section I've included some of my personal projects and previous work. I have only included five projects but if you'd like to hear more examples please feel free to reach out to me. 

Designing my dream kitchen 

Personal project 

I love cooking and when renovating my house I was keen to create a kitchen that I enjoyed using. I found designing a kitchen a frustrating process so I decided to apply the user experience and user research approaches I use in my work to design my dream kitchen. 

Brooks 1 new.JPG

Adviser reporting tools 

Lead UX Researcher 

Leading a team of five people to run a discovery research project and understand what tools or features the financial advisers using an investments platform needed to complete client reports. 

Screenshot 2023-10-22 at 20.25.14.png

Improving the usability of Cancer Card's website  

Volunteer proejct 

Supporting Cancer Card to help them improve the design of their new website and make it easier for those suffering from cancer to find help and support with all stages of their cancer journey. 

Screenshot 2023-10-22 at 21.05.36.png

Virtual Hearings 

UX Researcher - PA Consulting

User testing and improving the design of HM Court and Tribunal Services’ on-boarding process for the virtual hearing system. Simplified the process for users with low digital skills and significantly increased the number of people who got through the set up process unaided.


Health Food Retail personalised health box 

UX Researcher & Designer - PA Consulting

Using UX research techniques to understand why customers were dropping off from a health food retailers recommendation engine. I was able to make improvements that led to an increase in the number of people who interacted with a health retailer’s recommendation engine.

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